11/03/2023 04:32 PM

Peace and Love

If you know me, you'll know that I'm very into all things 1960s, and particularly 1960s American: the music, the films and TV shows, the clothes, the weirdness.

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11/03/2023 09:26 AM

The Mysterious Affair of Giles

Way back in 2013, Kyell Gold made a blog post in which he expressed the desire for 'a woman with a great British accent' to narrate the audio version of his Agatha Christie-inspired furry novella, The Mysterious Affair of Giles.

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10/27/2023 07:17 PM

A Weekend of Airports

I spent a long weekend in Berlin from 12 to 16 October; a trip I was going to make in early September, but postponed on the grounds that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much.

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09/25/2023 08:54 PM

Summer's Almost Gone

I love summer, and I feel as though I got cheated out of a significant chunk of this one with the whole broken leg thing. So it was nice to snatch a little back this past weekend.

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09/22/2023 02:24 PM

The COVID Virus Is The Lord

On Wednesday night I did something I wasn't sure I'd ever do again: I listened to a new Paul Simon album for the first time.

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About me

I'm Alice Dryden, a.k.a. Huskyteer.

I like scooter adventures, First World War aeroplanes, Kenshukai karate, and spending time with huskies.